Academic Resources

In addition to the various medical learning activities incorporated to the residency program, medical residents also enjoy the following educational benefits:


Simulation lab with Sim Man 2.0 is available for training of Code scenarios and rapid responses. All residents are trained as a team so as to encourage team participation and improve confidence in running scenarios as they arise. Training modules for Focussed system based US and Line placement are also available in the Intensive care Unit.

Each resident is entitled to participate in this standardized patient program and is given comprehensive feedback regarding his or her performance thereafter.The Standardized Patient Program trains and tests participants and students from a wide range of medical disciplines throughout the stages of their medical education or career. Drexel University College of Medicine’s Clinical Education Assessment Center provides custom-designed settings on standardized patients, where residents can learn, practice and be evaluated on the skills they will need to communicate and work effectively with patients.


Monmouth Medical Center has an on-site medical library accessible to residents 24/7. Latest editions of recommended textbooks and DVD lectures are available on site and to borrow. Should residents need other medical textbooks, they may request these references for purchase, pending approval by the Director of Medical Education.


Through the shared journal subscriptions throughout the Barnabas Health network, medical residents have full-text access to practically all medical journals, including the New England Journal of Medicine. The program also provides full fellowship access to BMJ Case Reports journal. As a teaching affiliate of Drexel University College of Medicine, all medical residents are also given remote access to the extensive electronic journals and database of the Drexel Medical Library.


Through the subscriptions of the Barnabas Health system and the Drexel Medical Library, medical residents have free full-text access to most online medical textbooks throughout the hospital. These subscriptions, include but are not limited to:

  • McGraw-Hill’s Access Medicine (includes Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine online)
  • Elsevier-Saunder’s MD Consult (includes Goldman’s Cecil Medicine online)
  • Elsevier-Saunder’s Clinical Key
  • Wolters-Kluwer’s OVID SP

Residents are encouraged to register accounts and remote access these resources at their convenience from home and across all platforms including mobile phones/laptops/tablets.

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MMC utilizes fully-electronic medical records using the user-friendly Cerner platform.


Monmouth Medical Center utilizes the Cerner Millennium EMR for integration of all electronic medical records and computerized physician order entry. Residents use this EMR program for all medical documentation. The EMR may be accessed from all computer terminals in the hospital, as well as remotely from home. Residents are also given remote access via tablets and smartphones, over the hospital’s reliable wifi connection.

In addition, all radiologic studies may be viewed at computer terminals through the Horizon Radiology application. EKGs may be accessed through the MUSE application. Scanned old medical records and dictations may be accessed through the 3M application. All of these applications are accessible through the numerous computer terminals in the hospital floors.


UpToDate, one of the leading electronic medical references in use today, is accessible from any computer terminal at MMC. Staff are also given remote access from home, as well as mobile/tablet access to this resource.


UpToDate is the premier evidence-based clinical decision support resource authored by physicians to help healthcare practitioners make the best decisions at the point of care. Uptodate is available from all computer terminals inside the hospital. Medical residents are also given home access to this resource. Use of the UpToDate application on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices is also provided.


Lexicomp is an industry-leading provider of drug information and clinical content for the healthcare industry. Lexicomp is available from all computer terminals inside the hospital. Medical residents are also given home access to this resource. Use of the Lexicomp application on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices is also provided.


Developed by the American College of Physicians and co-sponsored by the Association of Program Directors in Internal Medicine and the Association of Professors of Medicine, the Internal Medicine In-Training Examination is designed to give residents an opportunity for self-assessment and identify areas in which residents need extra assistance. Each medical resident is entitle to take the ACP IM-ITE yearly.


Necessary medical certifications including BLS and ACLS and New Jersey Training Permit Application are provided at Monmouth’s expense.


Professional organization membership (American College of Physicians) dues are paid by the hospital.


In addition to three years of medical experience, as well as medical library resources and conferences provided through the Internal Medicine Residency Program, the following additional resources are available to assist residents in passing the ABIM Board Exams:

  • ACP’s Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program (MKSAP). This resource gives residents a concise review of essential internal medicine topics by subspecialty. It also provides an opportunity to test their knowledge and compare their results with national averages. The program pays for MKSAP review of materials for all medical residents.
  • Medstudy Board Review DVD lectures and Medstudy Core Curriculum textbooks are available at the on-site medical library.
  • Off-Site Board Review Course. Each PGY-3 is entitled to a 1-week board review course. Residents attend the Awesome ABIM Review Course under Dr. Habeeb Rahman. The program pays for all course expenses, as well as hotel accommodations.
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