Educational Program

Educational Experiences

Academic Half-Day (aka, “School”)

Fridays 8AM-12PM

The core educational experience is the Academic Half Day (aka “School”) and is designed to cover the ABP content specifications over an 18-month period. It allows for interruption-free opportunities to learn utilizing a variety of methods, from traditional lecture based to QI project working sessions to small group breakouts to participate in mock codes.


  • Pediatric Grand Rounds (Wednesdays)
    • Traditional lecture format with invited nationally recognized speakers, department faculty, and PGY-3s!
  • Morning Report (Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays)
    • Attended by the floor team plus anyone on elective to discuss all aspects of case-specific patient care, including non-medical
  • Senior Board Review (Thursdays)
    • Resident run and specialty specific faculty participation


  • Mock Code (Fridays)
    • Organized and run by our PEM faculty/fellows
  • Quality Improvement (Fridays)
    • Led by our CHNJ Patient Safety Officer, Dr. Morris Cohen, each resident partakes in a QI/Patient Safety initiative during their tenure
  • Radiology Rounds (Fridays)
    • Taught by our dynamic radiologist boarded in Pediatrics as well as Radiology
  • Journal Club (Fridays)
    • Assigned articles discussed with a standardized approach to teach how to review the literature critically
  • Bimonthly Pediatric Tumor Board
    • Multidisciplinary discussion of noteworthy oncology cases
  • Twice monthly Board review (Fridays)
    • One hour sessions held during the Academic Half Day
  • Twice monthly Institutional General Competency Lecture (Wednesdays)
    • Topics presented that cross through disciplines

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (973) 926-7040.