Perioperative Nursing

Perioperative Nursing

PerioOperative Nursing at Barnabas Health

World Class OR Department

The unique skills and talents that are required to be successful in an arena that demands only the best can be found in our team of perioperative nurses.

Challenge your skills as you experience the most technologically advanced perioperative services from Laparoscopic procedures to Robotic surgeries. We boast a philosophy of perioperative excellence, in any one of our facilities, whether it’s a community-based hospital, a sophisticated ambulatory health center or one of the largest health care facilities on the East Coast.

Advance Your Skills and Your Career
The rewards of a career with us go beyond our comprehensive suite of work-life benefits. You will be supported by a state-of-the art environment that encourages learning to help you grow your knowledge and expand your professional options—no matter where you are in your career.

We challenge you to accept a career in perioperative nursing and work side by side with renowned surgeons. Whether you are an experienced registered nurse who has always wondered what OR nursing could offer or a new graduate that is ready to commit to a lifetime of learning, the opportunities are awaiting you. Barnabas Health offers an Operating Room Training Program that teaches you to function in the operating room as both a Scrub and Circulating Nurse. Our expert perioperative nurse educators facilitate orientation while they offer clinical support. And the expertise of our experienced nurses that share their knowledge as they mentor you can be defined as infinite mastership.

Our Clinical Excellence
• Open Heart
• Renal & Organ Transplants
• Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
• Pediatric/Newborn General Surgery
• Urological Surgery
• Neurosurgery
• Gynecological Surgery
• Plastic Surgery
• Ophthalmology
• Otolaryngology
• Orthopaedic Surgery
• Accredited Bariatric Center

Our Technology
• Non-invasive Laparoscopic Surgery
• da Vinci “S” Robot Surgical System
• Refractive Laser Surgery
- Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK)
- Laser Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis (LASIK)
• Video Broadcasting
• Computerized Intraoperative Documentation

Our Hospitals

Experience the freedom and mobility of caring for patients in our unique facilities throughout the region’s communities as you progress in your career.

Learn More and Apply OnLine

You can view our OR Nursing opportunities, just click on “Employment,” then on the category of interest to you, and select “Search All” for the facility.

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