Speakers Bureau and Professional Training

Take advantage of our complementary Speaker’s Bureau and Lecture Series for your athletes, parents, coaches and professionals.

Morahan Speakers BureauThe Matthew J. Morahan III Health Assessment Center for Athletes offers lectures and professional training programs to best meet your needs.

Lectures can be provided in a series over multiple seasons or as a one-time offering for coaches, athletes, athletic trainers, school nurses, or parents.

Our FREE Lectures can be provided and scheduled with staff at the Ambulatory Care Center in Livingston or at a location of your choice. Additionally, you can explore programs through our center for continuing education opportunities. Activities can also be organized for events and provided to engage children in learning healthy habits and making safe choices.

Request a topic from a variety of disciplines to be presented by experts in their field

Lecture Series Topics Include:

  • Staying in the Game: Preventing Sports Injury
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Sportsmanship
  • Exercise and Conditioning for Pre and Post Season
  • Safe and Effective Stretching
  • Healthy Habits
  • Balance
  • Treatment of Concussion
  • Sudden Cardiac Death in Athletes and the Importance of Cardiac Screening
  • Exploring Careers in Sports and Exercise Science

Players Choice: Let us help develop a topic for your audience that uniquely reaches the needs of your athletic community.

To schedule a program or to find out more about the Matthew J. Morahan III Health Assessment Center for Athletes and services please reach out to Diana Toto, Diana.Toto@rwjbh.org, Program Director, or call 973.322.7419