Radiology - Diagnostic Imaging

The diagnostic radiology departments across Barnabas Health and our expanded network of imaging locations through New Jersey Imaging Network (NJIN) offer state-of-the-art imaging facilities and equipment and a team of highly qualified radiologists, specializing in traditional diagnostic radiology and the most advanced interventional radiological procedures. Some facilities and imaging centers host the most active radiology and imaging services in the state while simultaneously achieving remarkable scores in the areas of both patient and physician satisfaction.

The remarkable pace of computer technology has had an unprecedented impact on health care. The newest generation of imaging equipment, for example, provides physicians with increasingly defined three-dimensional images. Each new discovery might hold the key to even finer detail, quicker diagnosis and less invasive testing.

Today, a multi-slice CT Scanner allows physicians to see small vessels and other fine anatomical details while scanning an individual from shoulders to hips in seconds and a new Ambient Experience Open MRI offers the most patient-friendly atmosphere for MRI testing in the nation, allowing patients to relax in a soothing environment amid music, lighting and wall images. An evolutionary new diagnostic imaging tool, the PET/CT Scanner, enables doctors to obtain increasingly defined 3-D images from the inside of the human body. By combining the two scanning techniques – the PET (Positron Emission Tomography), which shows different functions in the body, and the CT (Computed Tomography), which shows detailed structural anatomy – it is now possible for physicians to view metabolic changes in the proper anatomical context of the body.

With such precise information doctors can pinpoint the exact location of disease as well as predict and monitor the outcomes of therapy.

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