Patient Stories at Saint Barnabas Medical Center

  • Cancer Center

  • Don
    For friends and family like Don Pannacciulli of Watchung, cancer is not something we plan for. But, when the diagnosis is cancer, Saint Barnabas Medical Center is home to expert, compassionate oncology care.
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  • Heart Care

  • Daniel
    Daniel Weiss started to feel sluggish and had problems with walking long distances. When his doctor recommended the TAVR procedure, Daniel had never heard of it.
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  • Joint Institute

  • Felice
    “After suffering for so long, I’m pain-free and able to be active again thanks to the excellent care I received at Saint Barnabas Medical Center,” says Felice. “The Makoplasy total knee replacement literally changed my life – I feel great!”
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  • Living Donor Institute

  • Amy Rockoff didn't think twice when her father, Steven, needed a kidney and she was a match. The Living Donor Institute at Saint Barnabas Medical Center provided another opportunity for this father and daughter to take care of each other.
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  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit - NICU

  • Amy and Michael
    Amy and Michael were born seven weeks early on October 5th after a very difficult pregnancy. At just over five pounds and nearly four pounds, our twins were so tiny!
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  • Transplant Services

  • Kidney Transplant

  • Greg
    Just two months after my kidney transplant last summer, I was at the driving range swinging a golf club. I felt great! And, second only to my younger sister who selflessly donated her kidney, I credit Saint Barnabas Medical Center and the care I received there with my continued healthy recovery.
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  • Heart and Kidney Transplant

  • Jean - Heart and Kidney Transplant patient story
    Jean Smith lives by the phrase “live every day like your last” after going through radiation and chemotherapy for cancer and then undergoing both heart and kidney transplants.
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