Radiation Oncology

Comprehensive Radiation Oncology Services

Our Cancer Centers offer the most comprehensive radiation oncology services, available in New Jersey, including Tomotherapy and Elekta Infinity™. Radiation therapy is a treatment method for cancer involving the use of targeted radiation to shrink or eliminate cancer growth. It can be used alone or in conjunction with other treatments such as surgery or chemotherapy. Radiation treatments are continually advancing. The advancements have resulted in greater protection of your organs as well as more precise, laser guided targeting of the radiation therapy. At RWJBarnabas Health, it is our goal to provide the most effective, cutting-edge treatments to cancer patients throughout New Jersey.

Our advanced facilities offer specialized therapies such as body stereotactic radiosurgery (including Cyberknife, and TomoTherapy), HDR and other radiation implants, intensity modulated therapy, ultrasound guided external beam localization (BAT), three-dimensional conformal therapy (3-DCRT), and others. Our radiation oncology services are offered at many of our medical centers across New Jersey. Our radiation treatment facilities are staffed by Board Certified radiation oncologists. These specialists work closely with specialized nurses, physicists, social workers and therapists to provide our patients with quality, individualized care to meet their needs. At RWJBarnabas Health, cancer patients find radiation oncology services usually available only in major metropolitan cities, close to home.

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