Economic Benefits

Samantha Anton, SBMC

Barnabas Health cares for more than 2 million people, performs 215,000 surgeries and delivers 20,000 babies each year. Yet the importance of Barnabas Health to the region reaches far beyond health care. The system is an economic engine for our communities, creating jobs and driving spending, creating a ripple effect across the state.

In addition to providing for the health and wellness of communities throughout New Jersey each and every day, Barnabas Health makes crucial economic contributions that support the livelihoods of thousands of people in the region.

Barnabas Health is one of the largest private employers in the State of New Jersey, with more than 21,000 employees, 5,000 physicians and nearly 500 medical residents and interns. The system is a critical source of stable, well-paying jobs in the region, supporting a payroll of $1 billion each year. Barnabas Health also generates economic activity through its construction projects and capital expenditures. In 2013 alone, Barnabas Health invested nearly $85 million on capital expenditures.

It is estimated that the economic activity of each hospital job in New Jersey supports another 2.25 jobs within the state, demonstrating the tremendous economic impact of our system’s salaries and spending that resonates across the state and beyond.

Community Benefit Data 2013*
Financial assistance & means-tested programs $151,164,099
• Financial assistance at-cost $79,642,802
• Unreimbursed Medicaid $30,167,744
• Unreimbursed Medicare $27,313,376
• Other means-tested programs $14,040,177
Bad Debt $87,729,189
Community health improvement services $2,832,838
Health professionals education $40,686,108
Subsidized health services $8,568,816
Research $1,715,457
Cash/in-kind donations $3,147,830
Community building activities $470,614
Total Community Benefit $296,314,951
Salaries $1,183,497,000
Capital expenditures $84,528,000
*These figures do not include figures from any of Barnabas Health’s ambulatory/behavioral health/in-home/hospice care centers and programs.

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