Letter From the President and CEO

Barry Ostrowsky, CEO

Health care today is undergoing radical changes more than ever before – clinical advancements, a shift to care in non-hospital settings, new patient expectations, lower reimbursements and reform measures. One thing remains the same: Barnabas Health’s unwavering commitment to caring for its communities.

We are proud of our non-profit mission and work every day to ensure we meet the health care needs of the families who live and work in New Jersey. In fact, each year, Barnabas Health cares for more than two million people in communities from the Jersey Shore to the metropolitan New York area, at hospitals, physician offices and specialty centers. We care for the youngest, oldest and the most underserved of New Jersey’s residents, and we work with schools, public health agencies, religious leaders and many others to help improve the health of the families who live in our communities.

Our dedication to serving the people of New Jersey extends far beyond the care we provide within the four walls of a hospital. We support programs that promote health and wellness, such as food pantries, community

gardens and the Special Olympics. We provide access to services that would otherwise be unavailable. We train the next generation of health care providers, and we conduct cutting-edge clinical trials.

As one of New Jersey’s largest private employers, we also contribute to the fiscal health of the entire region. Indeed, Barnabas Health is an economic engine that provides well-paying, sustainable employment opportunities that generate local spending.

Barnabas Health is proud to be a cornerstone of the communities it serves. It is our goal to ensure that every person in our region has access to quality health care and the resources needed to achieve optimal health.

Regardless of the changes in our evolving health care market, we will always remain committed to our mission as a steward of our communities’ health and vitality for generations to come. Life is better healthy.

Barry H. Ostrowsky
President and Chief Executive Officer Barnabas Health

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