For Visitors

RWJBarnabas Health is dedicated to creating a comfortable, healing environment for our patients. In doing so, the visiting policy is designed to provide patients with the utmost privacy and opportunity to rest. Details about visiting hours and specific hospital policies may differ and can be obtained from each RWJBarnabas Health facility.

RWJBarnabas Health understands that it is important to you to visit your family and friends in our facilities. We aim to make your visit as comfortable as possible. Amenities vary by facility, but generally include a gift show, cafeteria, coffee shop, vending machines, ATMs and parking facilities. In addition, many of our waiting areas have wireless internet access.

Our policies are designed to provide the best quality healing environment for our patients. We ask that you abide by these policies to help us ensure the best care for your loved ones.

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Visitor Passes

Visitors must obtain a pass to proceed through the building. Please visit an information desk upon entering one of our facilities to obtain a pass, and wear it at all times.

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Cell Phones

As part of our continuing efforts to maintain patient privacy and confidentiality, while promoting a healing, soothing environment, the use of cellular phones and cameras is strictly prohibited in patient care areas. Hospital policies on cellular phone use may vary by facility. Generally, cellular phones may be used in the main or outpatient lobby, snack bar, waiting rooms, and some patient rooms.

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Internet Access

Internet Access is available at many of our facilities in certain areas. See your facility's Patient Guide for specific information, or ask our staff for assistance when you arrive.

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Tobacco and Smoke Free Campuses

Our hospitals are tobacco and smoke free. This means that smoking and the use of all tobacco products are prohibited inside all buildings and anywhere on the grounds throughout the campus. Smoking is not permitted in any of our entryways, sidewalks, parking areas and is also restricted inside your own car while on hospital grounds. Smoking is one of the top four causes of death. By maintaining a tobacco and smoke free environment, we are discouraging the use of tobacco products, eliminating secondhand smoke in our environment. As a patient, you can receive nicotine replacement therapy with a prescription from your physician. Please be sure to speak to your nurse or doctor for more information.

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General Policies

Please limit the number of visitors at the bedside to two and be considerate about the length of your visit.

Whenever possible, ask the nursing staff if there are specific times when your presence would be beneficial to the patient's comfort or your peace of mind.

Please do not adjust any siderails, cribrails or equipment that may be in use without consulting the nurse.

If your loved one is receiving patient controlled analgesia for pain, please do not push the button to administer additional doses of medication. Although you may mean well, this well-intentioned effort can result in serious medical problems for the patient.

Assist us in creating a quiet, soothing and healing environment.

Adhere to the policy regarding visiting hours for medical/surgical patients, Maternity and ICU/CCU.

Visitors who are visibly ill (i.e. sneezing, coughing, etc.) should refrain from visiting.

Shoes and shirts must be worn at all times in the hospital.

Please check with the nurse regarding dietary restrictions before offering any food/beverage to a patient.

You may be asked to leave the room during a physician visit or treatment. This is to respect the privacy of our patients.

Because you know your loved one best, you may "sense" that "something just does not look or feel right" even when this change may not be obvious to the staff. As partners in the care process, if you feel your family member is experiencing a worsening of their condition that the staff do not seem to be aware of, please bring this change to the attention of the patient's nurse so that they can conduct an evaluation of the situation. In addition to the patient's nurse, we maintain a team of specially trained clinicians who are able to come to the bedside and assist the nursing staff in assessing patients who are experiencing a worsening condition. This team is called our Rapid Response Team. We encourage our patients and visitors to access the Rapid Response Team if they feel additional help is needed by dialing the extension provided at your facility.

Thank you for your cooperation in meeting the needs of our patients so that we are able to provide the best possible experience during their stay.

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