Pharmacy Services

Services Provides: Clinical and Technology

The pharmacy department at Community Medical Center is responsible for the verification and distribution of all medications within the hospital. Our role is ensuring safe and effective medication use.

Community Medical Center pharmacy provides 24-hour pharmacy services. Pharmacists provide a wide range of services including but not limited to anticoagulation monitoring, renal dosing, antimicrobial stewardship, appropriate IV to oral medication transition, patient counseling and evaluation of lab results. The Pharmacy Department has an excellent working relationship with nursing, medical and ancillary departments within the medical center.

Clinical Services

The extensive clinical pharmacy services available at Community Medical Center provide our patients with the highest level of interdisciplinary care. Services include Emergency Medicine, Critical Care, Internal Medicine, and Geriatrics.

Pharmacy has a strong presence on several hospital wide committees including Infection Control, Antimicrobial Subcommittee, Pharmacy and Therapeutics, Critical Care and Medication Management.

In addition, the pharmacy department has a robust research arm that performs research relative to clinical practice at the site.


Community Medical Center utilizes several state of the art pharmacy technologies including:

Cerner® for electronic medical records and computerized physician order entry

Pyxis ES Automated Dispensing Systems

Pharmacy OneSource® Suite

Talyst® Carousels