About Monmouth Medical Center


Monmouth Medical Center is accredited with commendation by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.

The dental medicine residency is accredited by the American Dental Association.

All other residencies are accredited by the Accreditation Council on Graduate Medical Education.

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A Leader in Medical Education

Medical education has long played a key role at Monmouth. In 1945, Monmouth established its first residency program – in orthopaedics – to meet the needs of physicians returning from World War II trained in treating battlefield trauma.

Half of our residents enter practice after graduation, while the others enter some of the most competitive fellowships in the United States. Today Monmouth has 110 residents in eight accredited residency programs.

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Medical/Dental Staff

Monmouth’s respected reputation as an academic community hospital attracts the best physicians and dentists to its professional staff.

With nearly 700 physicians representing more than 60 recognized subspecialties, the hospital sets high standards for admission. Physicians are board certified or board eligible in their specialties, and those who actively participate in Monmouth’s educational programs hold medical school faculty appointments. To keep the staff abreast of the latest medical developments, Monmouth provides an education program offering 350 CME credit hours yearly.

Each residency program is headed by a director, responsible for overseeing the entire program and working closely with residents to ensure they receive the appropriate training to successfully complete their residency.

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Monmouth’s 600 member nursing staff provides expert and competent nursing services at bedside, working as part of the health care team. Thirty percent of all nurses are nationally certified in their specialties, and registered nurses comprise more than half of the staff.

The Unterberg Center of Nursing Excellence serves as an educational resource for the nursing staff, providing continuing educational courses and in-service training.

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Ancillary Staff

To ensure that residents can concentrate on academics and developing their specialized medical skills, Monmouth provides teams of paraprofessionals to help in routine hospital duties.

This 24 hour support network includes I.V. teams, phlebotomy, respiratory teams, laboratory assistance, patient transport, physician extenders and secretarial assistance, all of which help residents focus on their educational experience.

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The Campus

Monmouth Medical Center covers 21 acres, two blocks from the Atlantic Ocean, in Long Branch, New Jersey. The hospital’s main building is comprised of 16 wings that occupy a total of 735,000 gross square feet. The campus also includes 16 other buildings totaling 185,100 gross square feet. These include apartments for resident physicians, a privately operated day care center, Ronald McDonald House, and a professional and educational building.

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Medical Media Services

Medical Media Services provides conventional photographs, digital imaging, and an entire range of computer image manipulation. The department also provides audiovisual services to be used for medical education, legal documentation, and other purposes deemed to be of value to physicians and Monmouth Medical Center. These include:

• Clinical photography, including surgery in progress, in-house patients, pathological specimens and other medical phenomena. (Note; Photo microscopy is done by the Pathology Department.)

• Slide presentations, prepared from pictures, X-rays, journal illustrations or any other visual materials suitable for slide-making. - (Please contact the department before you start to produce a presentation.)

• Photography for medical journals/poster presentations. Almost any medical phenomena can be imaged and custom printed to meet the needs of medical journals or poster presentations. (Please provide the department with a copy of the instructions to authors from the journal.)

In addition, audiovisual equipment can be obtained directly by physicians from the department, which is located on Wimpfheimer-4. Some conference rooms have equipment assigned to them. (Please call the department at 732-923-6589 for details and instructions.)

For further information or to contact the Department of Medical Education call 1.800.807.9191 or send us e-mail at mmcmedicaleducation@rwjbh.org

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