Salary and Benefits

Residents will be paid on a bi-weekly basis.

Direct Deposit to your bank is available.

Resident Vacation

Residents are entitled to four (4) weeks of vacation per academic year, (20 working days). Unused vacation does not accrue from year to year.

Professional Liability Insurance

The institution provides Professional Liability coverage for all residents employed by Newark Beth Israel Medical Center. Residents are covered for all duties within the scope of their program. Such coverage will provide legal defense and protection against awards and claims reported or filed after completion of the program if the alleged acts or omissions of the resident is within the scope of the program.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance is provided and is equal to 1 times your annual salary at no expense to the resident. Accidental Death and Dismemberment is also provided and is equal to 1 times your annual salary. Additional insurance may be purchased for yourself, spouse and children.

Dental Insurance

Insurance is provided for residents via the Barnabas Health plan.

Disability Insurance

Short Term Disability Insurance (66% of salary), Long Term Disability (60% of salary) and Social Security Plus is available. Additional contributory disability insurance may be obtained. Further details are available in the Human Resources Department.

Health Insurance

Resident Health Insurance is provided via Barnabas Health. The coverage begins at the onset of your residency. Details are available through the Human Resources Department and the Employee Benefit packet.

Leave of Absence Policy

The policy shall be in accordance with state, federal and institutional guidelines.

Residents may request and be granted a LOA (in circumstances discussed below) for up to 12 weeks.

Types of LOA:

  • Self Care- Self care refers to a leave of absence for a serious health condition which makes one unable to perform his/her job. Examples of self care leave include pregnancy (with medical certification) and other serious health conditions. (Also with medical certification) A resident in need of a LOA for self care is entitled to 12 weeks of “job protection” meaning that he/she is restored to his/her previous position without loss of benefits.
  • Family Care- Family care refers to leaves of absence for the purpose providing care for a spouse, child or parent with a serious health condition. A resident in need of a LOA for family care is entitled to 12 weeks of “job protection.” Family care leave is unpaid; however PTO time may be used.
  • Child Care- Child care LOA refers to the birth or adoption of a child. A child care leave must be taken at the time of the birth/adoption and comes with 12 weeks of job protection. Child care leave is unpaid; however, PTO time may be used.
  • Personal- LOA’s for reasons other than the above, are not an entitlement. In the event that a resident needs a personal LOA, he/she must make a written request to the Program Director. Personal leave is unpaid.

Effects if LOA on completing the residency:

It is critical that a resident who is considering taking a LOA understand the specific requirements of their specialty board with regard to the length of time leading to board admissibility. In the event that a specialty program or board requirements are more restrictive than the institutional policy, the resident will need to satisfy the residency or board requirements before completing the program (i.e. make up missed time).

In the event that a resident misses more than 25 days per year, averaged over the length of the residency (e.g. 75 days over a 3 year program) the resident will be required to extend the program to cover the time missed.

Exceptions to this requirement may be granted only with the support of the program director and written approval of the resident’s specialty board.

On-Call Rooms

Residents are provided “On Call Rooms” for overnight duty. It is the responsibility of the institution to maintain these rooms. Please direct any concerns to your Program Director or the Housestaff Coordinator.


Parking is provided free of charge to residents employed by Newark Beth Israel Medical Center. Residents are strongly encouraged to park within the secured lot at all times. A $10.00 dollar refundable deposit is necessary to obtain an access card.

Uniforms and Laundry

The Medical Center will purchase for all incoming residents: 2 Lab coats and 2 pairs of scrubs. (These scrubs are for non-sterile areas only) The hospital is responsible for laundering these coats.

Resident Meal Allowance

Residents are provided a meal allowance based on the number of in-house on calls. The allowance is calculated using $6.00 per meal maximum.