Pharmacy Services

Services Provided

Pharmacy services at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center (NBIMC) are responsible for the verification and distribution of all medications within the hospital. Our role is ensuring safe and effective medication use.

Newark Beth Israel Medical Center pharmacy provides 24 hour pharmacy services. Our pharmacists work on the nursing floors and are easily accessible to nurses, doctors, other health-care professionals, and patients. Pharmacists provide services like anticoagulation monitoring, renal dosing, antimicrobial stewardship, appropriate IV to oral medication transition, patient counseling, and evaluating lab data. We place a strong emphasis on ensuring that pharmacy is recognized for its role and impact on patient care. We monitor and highlight the interventions our pharmacists make so that pharmacy’s role is recognized both at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center and throughout the system

Clinical Services

Clinical services allow Newark Beth Israel Medical Center to offer specialized services for different hospital populations. These services include antimicrobial stewardship, cardiothoracic critical care, medical intensive care, emergency services, and solid organ transplant.

Newark Beth Israel Pharmacy Residents Presentation

Pharmacy has a strong presence in many committees hospital-wide such as Infection Control, Antibiotic Stewardship, Pharmacy and Therapeutics, Medication Safety, Medication Management, Critical Care, and Committees set to manage diseases such as sepsis, stroke, and VTE to name a few.


NBIMC is excited to offer state of the art pharmacy technology services. These include:

  • Cerner® for electronic medical records and computerized physician order entry
  • Pyxis ES automated dispensing systems
  • Pharmacist using state of the art technology at Newark Beth Israel Medical CenterPharmacy OneSource® suite, clinical dashboards-to flag patient care initiatives, document pharmacist interventions, Simplifi 797, and formulary management.