Faculty, Certification and Areas of Interest, and Program Administration

Michael Dardik, M.D. Residency Program Director

Margee Gearhart
Residency Coordinator


Daniel Albert, MD – (U Penn) Ophthalmic Path
Vijay V. Joshi, MD, Ph.D. –(Grant Med Coll., 1962) AP/Ped Path

Many faculty members are involved in extra departmental activities with committee assignments at the county, state and national levels. These include leadership roles in county medical societies, state specialty organizations and national organizations such as the College of American Pathologists. The involvement of the faculty helps draw the pathology trainees into the mainstream of organized medicine, and makes them aware of their obligation to the community early in their careers.

Monmouth Medical Center:

Louis Zinterhofer, MD Louis J.M. Zinterhofer, MD – Chairman
(Tulane U, 1967) AP/CP/ChemPath/RP- Chemistry and toxicology.
Yong Kang, MD Yong Kong, MD – (Shanghai Med U, 1984), AP/CP-Surgical Pathology, Microbiology
Abraham Loo, MD Abraham Loo, MD - Madigan Army Medical Center-2006-2010 – AP/CP/hematopathology
Wendy Shertz, MD Wendy T. Shertz, MD – (Hahnemann U, 1980) AP/CP- Genetics

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Newark Beth Israel Medical Center:

Ludmilla Olesnicky MD
Ludmilla Olesnicky, MD - (U of Innsbruck, 1973) AP- Renal
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Zsolt Jobaggy, MD, Molecular Pathology/Residency Liaison AP/CP (Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, NH 2005) - Molecular Genetic Path – John Hopkins, MD, 2007

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Saint Barnabas Medical Center:

Selwyn J Baptist md Selwyn J. Baptist, MD – Chairman (St Johns Medical College, Bangalore University, 1969) AP/CP- Chemistry
Cyril D'Cruz, MD Cyril D’Cruz, MD - (Baroda Med Coll., 1967) AP/CP Ped Path. - Pediatric Pathology
Michael Dardik MD Michael Dardik, MD – Residency Director (U of Penn, 1996) AP/CP- GU and GYN
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Amelia Manley, MD – Massachusetts General – 2010-2014 AP/CP/Hematopathology

Marietta Kintiroglou MD Marietta Kintiroglou, MD – (Athens, 1969) AP/Cytopathology- Cytology
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Rajiv Pulinthanathu, MD – Saint Barnabas Medical Center – 2007-2011- AP/CP/Cytology

default image Teresita C. Redondo, MD – (U Phil, 1972) AP/CP/IP- Immunology
Ellen Romanowski MPA, MT Ellen Romanowski MPA, MT- (ASCP) (Clarion U of Penn, 1983)- Lab Admin.
Marlene Sabbath-Solitaire, PhD Marlene Sabbath-Solitaire, Ph.D. – (Columbia U, 1978)- Molecular Pathology and Cytogenetics
Matthew Tortora MD Matthew Tortora, MD - (Milton S. Hershey Medical Center AP/CP/2008)-Surgical Path Mt. Sinai, NY 2009

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