Residency Graduates

Class of 2017

Rajeev Shah, PharmD, PGY2 Infectious Disease, Maine Medical Center

  • Residency Project: Evaluation of the impact of levetiracetam therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) on dosing adjustments
  • Residency Project: Incidence and predictors of mortality in obese patients with Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus pneumonia treated with vancomycin

Juanquin (Stephanie) Wei, PharmD, IT Pharmacist at RWJ Somerset

  • Residency Project: Evaluation of running a decision support alert in test mode to determine opportunities to reduce supratherapeutic acetaminophen dosing in the inpatient setting
  • Residency Project: Evaluation of the impact of tramadol therapy on the incidence of hypoglycemic episodes in hospitalized patients

Class of 2016

Serena Cheng, PharmD – Clinical Pharmacy Specialist in Pain Management at VA San Diego Healthcare System

  • Residency Project: Influence of obesity on treatment outcomes in hospitalized patients with acute bacterial skin and soft structure infection
  • Residency Project: Relationship between docetaxel infusion and ethanol toxicity

Robyn Stoianovici, PharmD – Critical Care Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, Santa Rosa, CA.

  • Residency Project: Evaluation of a vancomycin dosing protocol in adult inpatients with renal impairment
  • Residency Project: Comparison of melatonin and zolpidem for sleep in a community hospital: an analysis of patient perception and inpatient outcomes