Unit Practice Councils and Chairs Committee

The Unit Practice Councils are unit based councils designed to discuss ways to improve the individual units and address ongoing issues. The Unit Practice Chairs Committee is a forum where the chairs of the units/department UPCs come together to provide one another with input and feedback on shared decision making topics related to clinical practice standards, quality improvement, staff professional development, and research. This council assists with the standardization of UPC structure and process and the integration of best practices amongst all UPCs.

UPC Chairs Meeting

Chairs Committee


  1. Obtain UPC representation from each shift per unit.
  2. Identify and resolve barriers to the change of clinical practice.
  3. Establish individualized unit specific goals for each units/ departments UPC that are current, relevant and aligned with the 2016 Nursing Strategic Plan.
  4. Monitor and track measurable unit-specific goals and Nurse Sensitive Outcomes and discuss success and opportunities for improvement.