Specific Objectives

To coordinate New Employee Reception for employees. This will serve to introduce the new employee to the institution, as well as meet the State Department of Health and JCAH requirements for training and education. This program will be provided on the first Monday of every other month so the management staff may pre-plan the participation of their employees.

To provide orientation for nursing personnel in order to facilitate the assimilation process of new staff members. Orientation duration and content will be based upon previous experience, area of expertise, job title and job description.

To offer IV Certification Courses every other month. This course will consist of theory, as well as practical application.

To coordinate clinical experiences/placement for affiliating schools of nursing.

To provide programs mandated by the State Department of Health and JCAH on a continuing basis.

To offer Earn & Learn Program Bi-annually (depending on the need) to help facilitate transition from student nurse to professional nurse.

To offer management training throughout the year.